The Woo Lin Monestary of the Yin Yang Blades

The Monestary of the Ying Yang blades known by and in memorum of the name of Woo-Lin, an ancient 1/2 Elf bard of legend who always employed dual blades which were referred to as posessing the power of both Yin and Yang.

The Temple is located just south of the deadly snowy mountainous terrain near the Tharn Peaks of the Two King Mountains. It was established in the Year 670 of Illian Time Keeping. This was roughly 50 years prior to the Morius Wars.

This balance of universal energy of the planes helped steady Woo-Lin’s hand in wielding the double bladed weaponry in a safe, yet deadly manner.

All the weapons of the Monestary have been specially modified to produce sound, whether the lingle of chains of different tones or carving whistled flutes in the ends of a dagger to allow it to whistle through the air. Modifications to these weapons allow the bardic training to proceed and make use of these weapons as impliments when using abilities of song and tune.

Head Monks over the last few centuries and brief Timeline:

  • 670 ~ 700 ILL: Woo Lin |Traveler who established the Monestary | Wielded the Double-Double Blade Bell Daggers of the Wind
  • 700 ~ 750 ILL: Lin Lin Woo Lin | 1/2 elf Daughter of Woo Lin | Wielded the Double spear of Harmonious rings
  • Maintained Tradition during the times when the Great Kingdom Fell
  • 750 ~ 805 ILL: Fu Lin Gao | Human Son of Meijing Gao, Lin Lin Woo Lin’s Husband | wielder of the double axe of the reverberating chimes
  • Left The monestary to join the Faceless Army never to be seen again
  • Died a hero and Tales of his Legends are lessons of life at the Temple.
  • 805 ~ 827 ILL: Mei Shing Sheur | Eladarin pupil of Fu Lin | Wielder of the Double Khopesh of the singing blades
  • Took Advantage of the Fact The Woo Lin Dynastic structure of the Monestary was dwindling and seized power amidst the Morious Threat.
  • Was known for wontonly Killing Disciples deemed ‘unruly’ or ‘heretical’
  • Though Ruthless, posessed great power in his Khopesh and learned much of the Yin Yang Ways, though it proved his downfall as the wars ended…
  • 827 ~ 888 ILL: Taro Adun | Last Apprentice to Fu Lin | Wielder of the whistling heavy war pick of the mists
  • This Human Returned with the Tales of Fu Lin’s Fall in battle against Mourning Star as well as his final request as the old master of Woo Lin
  • Learned of Mei Shing Sheur’s Treachery and Challenged him to a dual in the name of Fu Lin and All the Lin’s who came before.
  • Defeated Mei Shing with a technique imparted to him by the Master proving he was the true heir of the Monastic Dynasty.
  • Regained Woo Lin’s Respect and grew the Monestary into a once again respectable place of Learning and Philosophy.
  • Taught the Young Draxl who would eventually become head master of the Woo Lin Monestary.
  • Spoke of Fu Lin finding solace amidst the battle and getting married with a Young Heir to a forgotten Throne and having one child whom he named after the Daughter of Woo Lin Herself in her honour as he went to face his final battle….
  • Led the Monestary well into his old age.
  • 888 ~ 906 ILL: Draxl | Tiefling apprentice to Taro Adun | Wields the 7 layer staff of hell
  • Learned from the mistakes of Mei ling and Took heed of the lessons of Taro Adun while under his tutilage and took a journey to the planes of hell before returning to ask for Taro to give care of Woo Lin to him.
  • After a long battle on the mountaintops, even in Taro’s old age, Draxl barely managed to best him in combat and brought back the body after a weeks time had passed and gave hima proper burial.
  • Has been the strongest Master to Date and imparted Bardic techniques far and wide to the people who come to see him, one of which is the young Marques Greyman.

The Woo Lin Monestary of the Yin Yang Blades

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