Warren Whitebeard

The Aged Veteran of the Morious wars and dealt the final blow which subdued the Dark one. Also has great Birthday Parties.


Relation to the PCs:

Marques Greyman: He found and raised you for a time when you were left alone after the latest resurgence of evil which led to the downfall of Veremis.

Trogan Earthflayer An ally in battle who called upon your services in the older days and you fought togeather as brothers.

Terramus Triton:You have seen him come and go from the halls of the elf village of Kishi, but only until you and Marques attended the party did you get you first true meeting with him.

Ligsecg: You knew him well under your apprenticeship to Zedaal, a fellow eladrin magic user. You both worked closely with W.W. tracking down and sealing away the Mourning Star.

Dylianados: You, in your illegal dealings have never really run into WW until you were ducking out in the tavern when a party went on and you realized you might be part of a bigger picture.

Mary Jane: In your hundreds of years beneath the ground in the kingdom of Herbonia(just made that up) Whitebeard has been a trusted ally and consultant to your family for ages.

Tharn and Mithra: Neither of you have met Whitebeard, but both of you guys have heard tales about the Hero who we all know as Warren Whitebeard

Warren Whitebeard

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