Terramus Triton

Half Elf Beast master and friend to the Wolf Lobo

  • Diplomatic, favors group diplomacy over personal gain
  • Hates bullshit and squabbling, prefers to get shit done
  • Unique sense of nature, one could refer to it as a “kinship” with anything nature related (trees, animals, the elements, etc.)
  • Is prejudiced towards Dwarves and Demonkind
  • Doesn’t talk much, but is very keen to notice when a person is lying or if their courage/attitude is dishonorable.
  • Medium Height (Imagine the equilibrium height between the average human and the average elf)
  • Long Blond Hair, narrow face
  • Elvish Ears, but facial features are closer to that of a human man
  • Armor Clad, but it’s a light weight armor that allows for quick and efficient travel over long distances
  • Brash voice, when he speaks, people listen (mainly because he rarely speaks. He is not the leader, yet he leads by example.
  • Is a Beastmaster of the Wolf * His companion beast is Lobo, sprung from the LinLin Gao ring. * Their bond is unbreakable, even by enchantment, sorcery, or Death.


  • Cast out of the Kishi Village and imprisoned.
  • Fell in love with a priestess known only as lin lin gao, who imparted a final ring before she was brutally slaughtered.

Terramus Triton

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