Head of the Woo Lin Monestary of the Yin Yang Blades


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Master Draxl, a tiefling who is a trainer of the Bardic arts as well as an assortment of double bladed weaponry. He is a head Monk of bardic knowledge and skill at the Woo Lin Monestary of the Yin Yang Blades

His weapon, the Sanjiegun (Triple Staff), is much like a regular triple staff (see picture) though at the ends of the outermost sections are two sharp blades at the ends and he wields it with horrendously scary proficiency…

This weapon glows with a deathly red haze and too look upon it as it spins in a flourish of spinning blades and painful blows is similar to walking through a portal into the seven hells, where it drew its name “7 Layered Staff of Hell”

Though it remains a mystery why it would truley be called the 7 layered, if it only posessed 3, there are rumors he trained with the demons of each of the 7 Layers of hell in order to forge a blade and manage to wield such power…

Though to ask the Tiefling Master this question is to certainly ask for death, as using his Triple staff he has displayed ability on par with the demons themselves in ferocity and the tranquility and calm of a monk… traits which have made his name one of the best kept secrets of the Illian Plane.


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