The Looming Darkness of the Morious


I am thinking of all the sessions we played and hopefully we can chronicle them or at least get a basic backstory becuase all that shit will come into play in the future session we run when it eventually gets going smooth? haha.

alright the sessions i found my info on are these:

Main Campaign arc, Starting in town meeting Warren Whitebeard, getting ambushed, traveling the woods and finding the outpost, exploring the place and eventually ending up down in the basement and then fighting tons of epic shit and finding an old etching on the ground and take the partal to the shadowfell.

Historical Sessions:

JAILBREAK: the freeing of Terramus triton and his lost love Lingao by Marques Greyman and Trogan Earthflayer. You broke into the jail and fucked all shit up and made it out alive! Go team.

MOUNTAIN MEETING: Tharn, Marques, and Terramus run into eachother in the woods and fend off the natural threats and the brothers find they posess two pieces to a puzzle which creates a map and leads them a dragons den. They end up meeting with Mithra and a few other hazards on the way and eventually duel the Dragon.

TOMB MEETING: Trogan and Greg’s character “mary jane” meet in an ancient tomb and do battle with a zombie horde! I personally do not recall this adventure, so you will need to remind me whats up, haha.


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