Fellow Brothers, The Years of peace are seemingly among us and bad times have been pushed away… but this is not really a reality which you are discovering…

SO! There is a shotload of awesome stuff that this website is capable of, and you can really get in depth with this stuff as i am finding out… i only messed around for a little bit, but check out the tabs just up above this post.

Like wikipedia, we can link all our shit to other shit like i have with Warren Whitebeard

and other things like Double Sword Songblade of Luck. Check it out when you get the chance and feel free ot add anything you want within reason. Mostly i would get your character info up and stuff, but still reccomend mythweavers(website i sent in the note) for character sheets. Those sheets do a lot of the math for you.

Just link up those sheets here and it will all become cohesive….

If you think i am making too many demands, then (insert phil flavored over-friendly consolation here) and go fucking pound sand. This adventure is going to be the most epic thing ever and you know damn well the implications of the universe.


The Looming Darkness of the Morious